Our Philosophy

Geelong Dental Care is committed to providing affordable quality dentistry to all patients. We recognize that we all have different values and budgets and endeavor to discuss with you a variety of treatment options to look after your teeth. We do not "hard sell" dental treatment but aim to provide you with the necessary information so that you can make informed choices about your dental care.

We still on occasions use silver fillings where we believe that they are the most suitable filling material, but we respect that some of our patients prefer not to have silver fillings placed, and we are happy to provide alternative choices.

We aim to provide a comprehensive range of dental services all at the one practice including orthodontic treatment, preventative care, crown and bridge, aesthetic dentistry and gum care. There are times when we will recommend a referral to a specialist and you are welcome to request a specialist referral if you want one.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a high standard of infection control and encourage all staff to undertake regular professional development.